We are so glad you are visiting! On this site you can normally find all information regarding our upcoming Women’s Advance, however this year will be different. Our team has been planning and praying over Women’s Advance 2021. We had a terrific speaker and worship team ready to come and bless our group of ladies, but as you all are aware this year has turned out so differently than anyone could have anticipated. With the COVID pandemic still in our midst, events have been changed and cancelled across the world. We have been waiting to make any kind of decision for our upcoming Advance, but the decision had to be made. There is too much uncertainty regarding state restrictions, so we sadly have to announce that Women’s Advance in January of 2021 is cancelled. We will keep everyone up to date on our future Women’s Advance conferences as we make new decisions. We hope you will join us in the future for what is always a wonderful, encouraging, and uplifting conference, where we as women get the chance to grow together in our walk with our God, who is full of grace, love, and faithfulness. God bless you and yours!

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